About the Belmont Dramatic Club

  • Founded in 1903, the Belmont Dramatic Club is the second oldest continuously operating and performing community theatre group in the United States. We are a volunteer-run community theatre based in Belmont, Massachusetts, and we are celebrating our 120th anniversary during our 2023-2024 Season! Our productions provide unique acting opportunities for talented and motivated performers.
  • The BDC is a non-profit organization, and strives to expand its commitment to serving the community at large and enriching lives through the enjoyment of contemporary and historical live theatre production.
  • We normally perform one show in the fall (auditions in the Summer) and another show in the spring (auditions in November or December). Over the years we have produced a variety of shows, including musicals, dramas, comedies, and mysteries.

Board of Directors
President: CherylAnn Welch
Vice President: Marcus Hatch
Treasurer: Elizabeth Micci
Recording Secretary: Allison Lenk
Corresponding Secretary: Carla Perrotta
Directors: Rosella Aluia, Carolyn Bingham, Laurence Macdonald, Beryl Noble (Emeritus Member)

For general inquiries, please email info@BelmontDramaticClub.org or call (617) 571-8865 One free ticket to each production for each member

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